Thursday, October 23, 2008

People said I was Daddy's little girl, growing up in a huge Family I didn't get more attention, time or money than any of my siblings, but I think I liked the thought of it. I have always loved my Dad so much, he is a big softee and has such a kind heart. I have written about my Dad before When we had his 75th birthday and when I visited him last winter. I have good memories of my dad's kindness. He is very very ill and we do not know if we will soon have to say goodbye. The thought of that makes me sad to say the least, but I want him not to be suffering too. So I hope and pray for the best.

#21 of fifty simple ways to find joy : pray for those you love


txmommy said...

Sorry :(

Playful Professional said...

Richie told me about this last night... sorry. Let us know if you need anything.