Saturday, November 29, 2008


Yesterday We went to get our new Washer and decided to get the pair since our dryer is like 12 years old already they were very nice and we liked what we settled on
and decided to purchase we waited in line about an hour and then we were told we could not get the replacement washer we had to talk to the 'other' people who promised us the new washer first---- but were assured by no less than THREE sales people that we could get the same sale price tomorrow plus the 25 % off when we returned on Saturday.
So ... Early Sat morn at 7:45 AM we went and waited an hour to find our sales person to get it taken care of and were told he would not be in till ten but were told he would call and could take care of it over the phone.
After we did not here from him we called 4-5 times then I went back in at noon and waited an hour for my Sales person who did finally call on my way there and said to come in and we would get it all taken care of. after an hour and 15 minutes
I just went to hover close so I would not be forgotten and he turned me over to another sales person who knew nothing of the transaction and when she asked him of the details he said he never said that we would get the 25% off, and the other girl who told us was now missing in action.
My new Sales person called for a manager 5 times finally got the store manager on the phone, who then called the dept manager and got her all riled so when she started in on me she was already upset from being reamed by her boss. When I told my story she said 'THAT is just not possible' I said I am just repeating what I was told. Well that is not POSSIBLE she firmly and loudly told me while two other employees and 3-4 customers stood within 3 feet of me, staring at me I felt like they were saying I was lying - I was so upset and intimidated I said quietly just go ahead I am not going to get ugly - just go ahead before I cry I whispered to my sales lady-- then 45 minutes and 250 more dollars higher than I expected both of us were in tears literally and I felt so embarrassed, duped and I was exhausted. I am not even sure I want it any more....have you ever felt like that?


philos said...

Awww... that's certainly an ugly experience. I'm not sure I can recall something that happened like that, but I can imagine how embarrassing it is and how helpless it might make you feel. I hope you feel better soon. God bless you!

cat said...

Marcia, you really need to talk to the store manager and ask for his boss's name. NO ONE (and especially a customer) should be treated that way. Also, there is no excuse for how he treated his employee. Please do not let them get away with this. After 25 years in retail, I have never heard of such shabby treatment.

nikko said...

Wherever you were, I sure wouldn't give them any of my business! That is awful the way they treated you. Hopefully you can find a good price on it somewhere else! Good luck. :o)

Kathy said...

Man that sure does stink! Yes please tell us the store so we don't go there.