Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas lights

It is once again that magical time of year when homes are aglow inside and out w/ Beautiful Christmas lights. This morning at 5:45 as I passed our local park I saw its version the train caboose and the gazebo all aglow in pretty holiday lights and it made me smile and feel all warm in the freezing morning.
Tomorrow I will bring my camera and see what I can catch on film.
So you can see lights are one of the things I look forward to at Christmas --tonight we go to a Messiah Concert where T has a solo.. I loved singing that in HS and through the years at sing - a-longs - I look forward to decorating the house, Christmas cards, the annual Nativity displays, The furniture man coming, Inservice,the invite to my old PTO's Christmas breakfast -the school district luncheon invite,volunteering at the Historic tour of Homes and the Annual Christmas Devotional all this week!!!. WOO HOO Christmas is Coming! or here! or Both!!


nikko said...

Wow you have a busy week!

Sue said...

I'm lights are up outside and the trees and decorations are up inside..

Christmas is really coming..

It's all about the feelings, and memories we have of christmases past.. the lights help create the mood..

Catherine said...

Now I'm waiting to watch that.
After having seen your Halloween decorations on your porch, I'm impatient to watch your Christmas decorations