Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Painting /Tiling

My Hubby took the week off so we could get a lot done on the house-I hate that I have been sick but I have energy today and painted a wall in the DR

The color is not as big of an accent as I thought it would be.

he has been tiling Becca's room and will do the LR too We won't finish this week So we will just pick up where we end on Wednesday to have Thanksgiving here it is really not that much out here in the kitchen once this wall dries and I put everything back tonight

When I saw this on another blog I laughed not because it was funny but because it is sad and I remember the days when the boys and I tried to paint their room kinda U of F blue -- we spilt paint and ruined a whole room of good carpet and a chair --yikes but this poor family has it much worse

those children kinda look like too many too counts youngest ones :)


Catherine said...

When I watch you both painting and realizing the floor, I have the impression to see my husband and I during summer holidays. You can't imagine how life is similar here for such details.

Lana said...

oh no! that poor family!!!!