Monday, January 19, 2009

RT AND MW Modern Art Museum

My World
The Modern Art Museum of Ft Worth is free on Wednesdays and I had my car in the other day near by so i went and it was a nice visit I went on a tour w/ a very knowledgeable older man and you can take pictures w/o flash of some of the pieces but I had my settings off so i will go again now I think I know what to do
this is the sculpture out front

this is the view from the back and the chrome trees

These two just struck a chord w/ me

And this is art you are encouraged to walk on

this is a huge work of art about Berlins regrowth after the war

It is so worth the time to see and take the free tour also

and this was on my way out a Ruby red Spyder for ruby Tuesday

and this lovely rose for the macro


txmommy said...

All these years and I didn't know it was free. Every wednesday? Sometimes I am Lucy less and sub less on time that happens I am going!

Catherine said...

I love to go and visit museums, even if it's a quick visit. Getting out, I feel I haven't lose my time.
I would love to watch these chrome trees. They look interesting art work.
A Ruby Tuesday with a Red car, it's Marcia's one !

Jim said...

Hey JIMG, I like your Spyder. Oh, the flower is okay but except for my wedding ring, I am not a flower child.
I am avoiding Ruby Red, at least for today.
We just returned from a Queen Mary 2 cruise in the Caribbean and I have a couple of posts about these for right now (JIM'S LITTLE BLOG).
I've not been to your museum yet. Of course we have 'several' here in Houston.
Happy RRTue!

Ralph said...

What a fine looking museum. I always enjoy looking at art, and having the descriptions by a person who truly loves and appreciates the art. A fine day, beautiful building and grounds, and an ideal red for RT.

Jim said...

Hi Marcia, I broke down and did WW and RT. One each blog. See you there?

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

I really like the shots with the reflection on the water. So serene.

Carver said...

Wonderful tour of the art museum. Very interesting.

DrillerAA said...

Great Ruby Tuesday shots. The rose reminds me of the ones that we chose for our wedding nearly 35 years ago.
Very nicely done.