Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen Pics from this month

This cute guy saw his shadow so does that mean we have a longer or shorter winter?

We saw him here at our old favorite neighborhood bakery in Ohio

Before we went we had some ice here in Tx
Why these are called Pansies I do not know- they are so
strong - endured the frost and are thriving now

But in Ohio we had the beautiful Sparkling Snow

Saw my Grandma's old home

and My old HS

Then we flew back home -- I like our smallish airport
where we walk out onto the tarmac to board

left the snow behind

Home before Valentines Day

Saw these sights in the Cultural district of FTWorth
This giant Tulip

and This Commemorative Statue that ironically my Friend Natalie just spoke about on her blog because she is actually there

and my Tulips (peeking through)though smaller than the red one above
show me hope for an early Spring:) so was the ground hog right or wrong?


Betty said...

Oh, such beautiful pictures! I love your Grandma's old home, it looks so homey and grand! And the groundhog doughnut is so cute!

Anonymous said...

What a great Pictorial TT! I love your tulips just pushing up... the promise of Spring- the eternal return.
Happy TT!
I'm up at both Thornesworld
and with my very first TT at my new blog, Eclectic Witch!
I hope you'll stop by!

Catherine said...

I can't show your blog to my son Gabriel, or there will be tantrum in the air. How can I explain that this delicious-looking cakes are not available here ? He'll tell me to go and find them where they're cooked.
Now, I know, as soon as I'll see a giant Tulip, I'll be close to achieving my travel : )

Pansies are "Pensées" in French, it means "thoughts". Maybe, it's a flowers langage ?

txmommy said...

what cute ground hog donuts!

Adelle said...

Great pics. I hope your tulips are smarter than that old groundhog on predicting Spring. Happy T13!

colleen said...

Such a nice contrast of spring and winter. I love the Valentine Flamingo. I have one of pelicans posed like a heart but not being pink it's not the same.

Karen said...

I love your TT... great photos!
Thanks for coming by my blog!

Brenda ND said...

I love the pictures of the flowers poking up from the ground. I can't wait to see mine coming up. Happy TT!

Sue said...

These are all great pics! Thank you for sharing them with us in this very creative TT :)

On a limb with Claudia said...

Wow, a trip home! I rarely do that. I'm glad it went well.

But that groundhog - doesn't look quite right... ;)

Heather said...

I always enjoy looking at your pictures. Your grandmother's house looks lovely, and I couldn't help smiling at the groundhog donuts (and seeing his shadow means 6 more weeks of winter...grumble grumble).

Thanks for visiting my blog!

kandyblossom said...

Great pics! I love all the snow ones, especially the snow on the pine branch.

Tink said...

I love the flamengo picture! It was fun to travel with you in pictures. :)
Thanks for visiting my TT.

Gattina said...

Very nice travel through your pictures ! I prefer by far the warmer region, I have enough of snow, lol !

stan said...

the statue evokes so much feelings as a sihoulette.