Sunday, September 13, 2009

In case your hungry .... good food lately

Appetizer Salads at Cheesecake Factory they make there entrees too big so we knew the appetizer salads would be just right

fruit tart at a bakery we shared it was so awesome

Look at all the people that love Tiffany she just said want to go to lunch? and we all went! she is so sweet. The table cloths give away where we were

I had the strawberry salad at TGI Fridays

Becca made an apple crisp and added grapes for a switch - Hubby loved it.

Pecan crusted Mahi Mahi I made last was awesome I had forgotten it so "tastes like chicken":)

More and prettier food to come


txmommy said...

looks wonderful!! I didn't get your vm, of course, but I would LOVE to meet you.

nikko said...

So pretty and so yummy!