Saturday, September 12, 2009

Photo Hunt Electric NYC TIMES SQUARE( Edison)

This may well be the largest concentrated use of electricity in the world --wHAT DO YOU THINK?

I knew I had a picture from our recent trip to the Smithsonian that fit this Photo hunt word but when I found it I was somewhat disappointed with the quality but knew it fit the theme perfectly--
The evolution of electric Light bulbs in the display about

the inventor of the light bulb Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Edison was born in Ohio. (my birth state) seventh child (also like me) maybe I was supposed to be an inventor? I better get busy:).

Edison started school late due to childhood illness. His mind often wandered and his teacher Alexander Crawford often called him "addled". He was kicked out of school three months after starting. Edison was then home-schooled by his mother, who was previously a teacher. She encouraged and taught him to read and experiment. Many of his lessons came from reading R.G. Parker's School of natural philosophy.

He was partially deaf since a young age, and became became a telegraph operator after he saved Jimmie Mackenzie from being struck by a runaway train. Jimmie's father, was so grateful that he took Edison as an apprentice and trained him as a telegraph operator. Edison's deafness helped him as it blocked out noises and prevented Edison from hearing the telegrapher sitting next to him.( that was for me -I love history)

on a side note
we saw this Edison Phonograph player in the museum in Grapevine TX. It is a smaller version of one we had in our Dining room when I was small! -- Edison invented the first recording device that worked( originally w/ tinfoil )it played the thick 78's (Records) they predated, but paved the way for-33's-45's, 8 track tapes, cassette tapes, cd's and ipods! SO, we can thank Edison for our Light and Music!!!

(another side note we used to hide bowls of bean soup and other food that we as kids didn't like in the doors that held the thick records..Sorry Mr Edison :0


Carver said...

This was such an interesting post and great idea for the theme. I hope you have a great weekend.

rdl said...

nice take on the theme!

Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! Look at those lights!

I played too :)

julie said...

What a nice post, no stretching the theme like us, lol. Did your mom discover those hidden food?

Kari said...

great picture and nice take on the theme. Go back to the source!

I love the picture of NYC too.

Alice Audrey said...

Talk about sucking down the juice - Times Square is at least bright as Tokyo.

Susanne said...

Very interesting and great pics.

Bonggamom said...

Times Square -- love it! I'll be visiting NY in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see Times Square again.

My Photo Hunt entry is up here

Mrs Mecomber said...

There's a LOT o electricity in Times Square, you're right!!

My Photo Hunters is up. I hope you have time to visit mine! New York

Happy weekend!

kaye said...

creative. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

Bengbeng said...

this week, i like yr photohunters the most. well done

bing said...

lots and lots of lights! perfect for the theme.

jams o donnell said...

Great serlection of photos. We do have a lot to thank Edison for