Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen more Yummy beautiful food from our trip

My son the chef - not as a profession-- but as an art

The prettiest was this so fresh Fennel Salad the tastes were married so well

the appetizer is simply delicious !!! A soft cheese in a tomato sauce dip w/ pita chips. I have actually made this myself likethree times in the month we have been home

Tortellini w/ meatballs artfully displayed

even my bought dessert photographed well

another night he made his sister's favorite Egg plant Parmesan

Breakfast omelets mmmmmmmmm

We had wonderful Thai food one night but the pictures were hopelessly blurry

so you get a shot of me enjoying the Yummy ice cream we had walking back

One day we had a salad bar at the Smithsonian that was fine

but the view was spectacular

They said we had to try these

burgers and they and the sign did not dissappoint

Tha was at

We enjoyed this Tapas restaurant

little foods everyone shares- fun night- they had Flamenco dancers for entertainment

Then I will post more from Mt Vernon but
this is what we ate in the restaurant there
home madePotpie

Eggplant Parmessan

Salmon and veggies

WE had such lovely and yummy food in Virginia and DC


Sue said...

You "ALWAYS" have the best pictures of food!

Happily Retired Gal said...

Looks like you ate WELL while you traveled. Mouth-watering photos for sure ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

nikko said...

Now I am really hungry! Time for some lunch! You and I should do Thai for lunch someday. I would love it!

Alice Audrey said...

You're making my stomach growl. Is it lunch time yet?

Brenda ND said...

Now, I'm really hungry. I like the meatballs best. Happy TT!

Calico Crazy said...

All the food posts today are killing me and now here you go posting pictures of food. Off to go and cook something, anything...

Calico Contemplations
Discovery 4 Life

Gayle said...

Wow...what fantastic looking meals. My dinners are so boring as I'm not the best cook.

Playful Professional said...

Glad you enjoyed it :)

SandyCarlson said...

That food looks absolutely wonderful!