Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sensory memories

I am doing ok  up and down --I know that it is a normal part of grieving to get teary oft  times-- like  the Potato chip aisle at Walmart - like-when I just hugged my mom's  pillow- smelling a faintly familiar scent - I just did not know that that is who I am --I am a strong woman of great faith who loves the Lord and a woman who gets things done - But I could not send some of my Mothers things to my siblings on my own--- I needed someone there w/ me to tape boxes-- to giggle at the odd task I was doing  -
        I was a bit paralyzed w/ fear (till he landed safely) - when my husband had to disembark 2 fights for the same place in the same day because of mechanical difficulties
-- It was so hard attending another old dear friends funeral this week
and  today I only needed a phone call to distract me so that I locked my keys in my car and had to walk 3 miles home after already exercising..but I am finding out who I am-- I am asking for help --and I will be fine I just didn't know.....Thanks to those who are helping and checking on me


Tammy said...

Glad we have each other when we are a mess,love you my sister my friend!

nikko said...


Natalie said...

Remember He loves you, as do soooooo many others, me included.

Sue said...

it's o.k. to ask for help
I know who you are (I really do)
a kind, strong,spiritual woman of God, who loves and misses her mom.

you will be f.i.n.e