Monday, October 04, 2010

My World butterfly short life:(

came out of the house and was greeted by this lovely sight

I so enjoyed

watching it flit

and fly from bloom to bloom

posing nicely for me  I felt light as a butterfly w/ the joy  of watching and snapping

chasing it around was a challenge till it stayed

in this one spot so I tried

different angles

not knowing what I was seeing

it was moving oddly and I snapped away
I thought what is this!.......  oh, they are interacting ---how neat

then I realized the interaction was the ....

...cycle of life

it was dying

the beauty i was enjoying turned..... raw

and it flipped

and twisted

I Felt sad and a little sick to my stomach

then it was dead I know its nature-- so I know-- this is what happens

after it was dead i placed it on my Mum

and couldn't decide if that was a tribute or a little icky


Sylvia K said...

Life is sad sometimes isn't it? Your photos are exquisite and what a beautiful, colorful one he/she was. And how great that you were able to watch him so closely and get the pictures that you did! I think it's a lovely tribute and definitely not icky -- even a little! Have a lovely week.


Anonymous said...

great captures too. i am often tardy - er my camera is often tardy in capturing their beauty.

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

that is sad, but amazing you were there with camera in hand to capture it. A real National Geographic moment.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Lovely photos and so clear.

Kguthrie said...

Unlike Man's way of life, which sometimes takes a life without just cause and creates sorrow, Natures way of life creates balance. YES, indeed this is a tribute to the butterflies sacrifice of life for another of God's creatures to live, for someday there will be yet another of God's creatures that will need the praying mantis sacrifice of life in return. You truly captured an inspiring moment and what a magnificent tribute to the beauty of GOD's BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY!

david mcmahon said...

Definitely a tribute. My favourite is the fifth image in the series - and because they flit, I know just how hard it is to capture a decent image.