Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo hunt Orange (as seen at the State fair)

This is posted not for the tremendous amount of orange-- but for the idea-- for like 20 years I have wanted to do a t- shirt quilt ----thinking one for each of my children---- then I thought they most likely don't want that?    IT  is me who wants the memories hanging around --to keep me warm on those cold empty nest nights soo... I just love the creative placement of this one and I am going to commit to try this!!!!!!!!!!!   Please somebody hold me to my commitment and check up on me:)j


Kim, USA said...

Oh wow this is quilt? So beautiful!
Huge Pumpkin

noel said...


thats a nice take on the orange theme.,,quite original for a quilt

Alice Audrey said...

It's a great idea. You should go for it.

Nora Johnson said...

Love that quilt!
Happy Ruby Tuesday today 25 Oct!,
Lola & Nora:)
btw Here’s my quick RT link!