Friday, September 14, 2007

No More Children

There are No More Children in my family. Just adults!!
Z is 18 today.
Wow !!
Where did the time go?
He is a fine young man very kind and responsible he has always been a happy kid very much like his Dad in that respect and also in their unwillingness to show anger towards others.

this picture was from play school his teachers just loved him and still ask about him when I see them around town
When I was preg w/Z-- I was RS Pres and my Hubby was gone for 6 month's that was a difficult time. I craved Chinese food the whole time. When we went to the hospital I remember hitting lots of bumps in the road. I was laboring steadily then seemed to stall about 3 cent-- they told me he was in distress and were going to prep me for a C- Section. Well that put me into distress---there was so much pain when I immediately zoomed to a 10! I totally lost control it hurt so much(certainly not my finest moment) --my hat is off to all you natural birthing(no Meds) Moms because this was my first w/o any meds and it did not ,feel'natural'. The nurse grabbed my face and stopped, my wild,frantic thrashing and screamed at me "BREATHE"!!! the Dr said 'go easy on her she just went from 3 to 10 in 30 seconds.' Later we found out my bladder ripped off the muscle wall at the same time---apparrntly- I did not want a c-section and he was born w/ just a few pushes moments later -- he was beautiful and healthy!! Each birth brings a euphoric happy feeling for me that lasts several hours and helps you forget the pain and love your baby right from the start. I have always been grateful for that--the love I know comes easy but the 'forgetting the pain' would be harder for me w/o this. ---- ok, Enough of that!! On to the fun part for me, the photos--

Z got 6th place in a Star Telegram stock show art show when he was 4 and we got free dinner and tickets to the Rodeo it was fun!!

He loved basketball and even had the nickname of 'Dribbelow' from his older brother because he could! that seemed like it was his favorite part of the game -- he was so good at it at a young age ----he played on 'Y' teams since he was 4.

Always up for games --even now he will play me scrabble if I plead.

clowning in a school performance

I love that he likes to talk to me :>

he placed very high in the Mile run at school

having adventurous older brothers he did things at younger age than others

He was always a very good student.

This is his last field day --- He ran track for a while in MS

He grew up very kindly doing chores w/o being asked like this huge pile of socks

and willing to give service

We had his Birthday --we were all so tired got back from a Thurs night, great FB game of his at 1:00AM the night before ----so he wanted to stay in and we made cheesecake

he got the only thing he asked for as a gift a new Ipod

that perked him up !!:>

He is a Senior this year!

But I remember him so well as this little guy--

babies of the familiy get that curse.
Happy 18th Z!!!


cat said...

That was fun!!! The first time I met him, he was four!!!

txmommy said...

Happy Birthday Z!

lovemycottagegarden said...

What a great boy(man) you have. Unbelievable 18 already.
Wish him a Happy Birthday for me.

Jennie said...

what a handsome guy!

Kari said...

Yeah, I had 3 babies "natural" and 1 with an epidural. Who, in their right mind, wouldn't take an epidural???? My "natural" births certainly weren't by choice, I can tell you that! lol

I love all these pictures, what a handsome guy! Hard to believe your baby is 18 already, isn't it? I love how much you love him and how much you like to talk about him. It's great. And Happy (belated) Birthday, Z!